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All of the products in the this collection are USDA Organic Certified!

We found these organic products that we use, love them & we wanted to offer them at a low price to all of you! 

We use every product on our site ourselves in our home with our family of 6! So it's not animal tested, it's people tested!

Our current organic offerings are created by Vermont Soap. We seek out the best products that we can find and use them ourseleves. Vermont Soap Organics has been a great find, we buy the base products that are organic and make them available for sale under ours or the Vermont Soap brand.

Organic Certification makes it official. Click here to the Vermont Soap organic certificate.

The USDA organic program is the gold standard of natural world-wide. Certified Organic MEANS audited natural from farm to bottle.

The process started back in June, 2003, when our factory became certified as an Organic Processor. This involved demonstrating an understanding of USDA Organic Regulations, and developing a system to separate Organic raw materials, work in progress and finished goods from non-certified raw materials, work in progress and finished goods. All finished labeling must be approved for compliance with Organic Labeling Standards. A great working relationship with our Certifiers; North East Organic Farmers (NOFA) and Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF), made the process significantly less painful than it might have been.