Authentic 100% Pure Organic Therapeutic Essential Oil Aromatherapy Starter Gift Set by Essens Oils - BONUS Stress Relief Blend and eBook

Brand: essens oils

Color: Yellow


  • PERFECT GIFT SET WITH MANY USES - Easy to use! Make your own products, great for Aromatherapy, in Diffuser (ultrasonic, aroma, clay, oil burners, direct inhalation, home, sauna, spa use, vaporizers, and more.
  • UNRIVALED SUPPORT - Never used essential oils before? Need a question answered? Trained and certified Aromatherapists are available to answer your questions and give you guidance every step of the way for FREE!
  • FREE INSTRUCTIONAL EBOOK AND STRESS RELIEF BLEND - Every purchase gets a download link sent to you with our ebook "50+ Evidence Based Ways to Live Healthier and Reach Your Full Potential" as well as a FREE stress relief oil blend to help you immediately get started with stress relief!
  • 120 DAY 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - if you aren't happy with your purchase for any reason you have 120 days to return them for a full refund! One of the best in our industry.
  • 100% PURE, FRESH AND PASSES THE PAPER TEST - our oils have no fillers, additives, synthetics, bases, or carriers. Every batch undergoes MS/GS tests as well as the test anyone at home can do. Put a drop of the oil on a piece of paper. It should completely evaporate leaving barely anything. Synthetic or dirty oils will leave smudges! How sure are you that your current oils can pass this simple test? Try it out yourself!

Publisher: Essens Oils

Warranty: Guaranteed refund if you're unhappy with your purchase for any reason up to 120 days!


Now with improved packaging and leak free measures to protect all kits from the warehouse to your home!

Sometimes our lives could use a boost.

As time goes on it doesn't look like things are getting easier. We seem to reach out more and more for harsh chemicals and drugs to find relief from common issues like stress, anxiety, trouble sleeping, hair loss, and many more.

But what if it didn't have to be this way? What if by simply using a few drops of pure essential oils you could close your eyes and find yourself walking through a forest or fields of sweet and savory smells. Experience standing in vast lavender fields with the warm sun and calm winds gently flowing around you. A place that's just for you. A place to rest and restore. To enhance and thrive as the oils work their gifts on you.

You can. And we will show you how.

The Essens of Wellness Kit is a FDA certified, GMO, and animal cruelty free collection of 7pc 10ml 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

The oils are sustainably extracted from plants native to them and carefully grown for optimal conditions with no adulteration or synthetics to give you a pure experience.

Not only that but we give you our custom made blend oil FREE to tackle one of the most prevalent and biggest issues our society faces today.


Stress and anxiety is one of the highest causes of illness and suffering hanging on us today. We give you a FREE Stress Relief blend bottle and a specialized Evidence Based eBook with over 50 Remedies and Recipes for common life ailments to give you a thorough breakdown on how to use the oils in this kit to their maximum potential.

The ebook not only talks about ailments but we explore proven ways they can boost your mental and physical performance. Essential Oils are not just for restoration. They are powerful work horses begging to be let out!

So treat yourself and your loved ones and buy one now!

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